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Men Who Knit Video MFKR09

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Gooseberry stitch

I'm lost. Can anyone explain this *(P1, yrn, P1, yrn, P1) into next st, K1, rep from* - it's mostly the "yrn" part and the "into next st" ???????

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Back From MFKR


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Catching Up II: Pluckyfluff Spinning Workshop

So last May, as part of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, Pluckyfluff (aka Lexi Boeger) did a two day spinning workshop that oddly enough happened right down the street from me (I say "oddly" beca

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Garden State Sheep and Wool

This Saturday, Sept. 12th, is the Garden State Sheep and Wool festival, not far from Lambertville, NJ. Is anyone planning on stopping by?

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the first raglan

Hey all!

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needle question

Are the nickle plated circs sold on Knitpicks as good as Addi Turbos?