Archive - Aug 18, 2009

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These were NOT my inspiration but made me laugh ...

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bitten by mittens...

My inspiration is all over the place right now. Its driving me nuts!

I want to make some of those mittens with the pointy tips. Norwegian mittens I believe they are called.

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First Preview

Ok - here is the preview of my first jumper.

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my first time - knitting a sweater, anyway

i am knitting my first sweater - a simple raglan sleeve that a friend said was a good first project - and so far it's working up well - i just have a question about inc - all inc are worked on the ws

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When Knitters Become Tour Guides

I knew I was going to have a night in Istanbul on my way home to St. Louis from Beirut. I thought I would contact Dave and ask for some recommendations for places to go.