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July 26th

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fishing and knitting don't go together!

Took the boat out yesterday for a day of spring salmon fishing.

Was knitting while waiting for a bite and away went my rob and the fish. I had to dive in and swim to retrieve it quick!

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My man Bag

This is a Combo Bag, the bottom of the Bag is done in crochet, the top is knitted and it has a liner that is hand sewn. It is wool (kool aid dyed) and sari silk yarn.

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See behind the cut for off-topic goodness.

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Japanese anyone?

I really want to do this hat. I think I have the knitting symbols figured out but I'm not sure about the rest of it.

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failure for the moment

Well, I tried. It was to be my first lace piece with lace weight yarn. I guess I'm just not there yet. It felt like I was knitting with air and I could hardly see what was going on.

July 24th

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not quite there.....

I had inner-ear reconstructive surgery last wednesday, and got home 2 days ago, Thursday, let me tell you, knitting on pain-killers is an other worldy experience, it kind of takes on a knitting meets

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UFO Alert

I am totally shelving my feather and fan scarf. That is the project I was talking about in my previous posts re: the joins. For the record, thanks to everyone for their suggestions on the joins.

July 24th

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OT: It HAS to be posted...

By this time, pretty much everyone has seen this video...

I've been watching it for 2 days and.............

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The Pegasus Cameleon Cap

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Alabama Retreat

i would like to know what if i do it into a hotel here in Alabama, how would everyone feel about that. For everyone who is interest send me a e-mail or leave me a comment.