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July 3rd

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MWK feels left out!!

I just came across this blog post - Real Men Knit and Sew - of course it's great to see someone blogging about men and crafting

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ugly rug

I'm knitting a floor rug for my dog to lay on since i have floor boards.
Half way through and i realise its pretty bloody ugly.
oh well...

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Naked on a beach while knitting, no good for concentration

Ahhhh ….this is the third time I am writing this. So this time I am writing it in Word so if something goes wrong I won’t have to write it any more… or just give up.

July 2nd

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One Sleeve Down.

I’m using a larger size needle and wool (Cascade Ecological Wool) than the pattern and following the stitches for a smaller size.

July 1st

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Holy Shetsoie


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'Starlight on the Waters' and 'After Hours'

combine this yarn with this pattern (see above in grey) and

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Guest Blog on the Times Union

Our local newspaper has a blog section which includes a Fiber Arts blog. I was asked to to a guest post (could be a series of them too). Check it out!

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back to work

The art exhibition stressout has seemed to have subsided for now [i think] and now im looking forward to painting the new series.