Archive - Jun 17, 2009

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To My Fellow Pointers In NYC

Dear Ellissa from The Point looks in fine fettle from her trip to Peru. I visited her on her first day at Annie's on Madison and 93rd.

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More 411 on that cut-edge castoff

Had to share this convo with Buck Strong

> Mark: Would you only use this for a 2x2 rib or is it good for all edges?
> Thanks
> Buck

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You Know You're a Knit Maniac When....

You find out your friend is pregnant and you're not immediately happy for them; you're happy because you get to knit baby stuff.

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just checking

just testing photo uploads.

nope - won't let my upload photos or attach files.

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Is there a problem?

Does anyone know of a site problem that is causing me to not be able to post pictures?