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June 10th

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I'm Leon. I'm new and my Mom says I'm special.

Hi I'm Leon and .... I'm a knitter. Or is it not "that" kind of group?
I have signed on, looked around and found my way here. I live in Wellington, New Zealand.

June 10th

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My Gay Boys Update!

So, thanks to all of you, my two 17 year old gay boys have been set on the correct path.

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My first post and the best baby blanket ever!

Howdy guys.

I wanted to share with you the first project I've completed in years and possibly the greatest (and easiest) baby blanket pattern I've ever seen.

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Baby Surprise Jacket Written out.

So, when I was doing the BSJ, I had a hard time keeping track of all of the decreases and increases, etc. So, I wrote it all out, row by row. I have attached it here if it would help anyone.

June 9th

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Wife Sold Some Hummingbird Feeders!!!

She took 'em to the farmer's market and came back with cash. I bought more string.

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red blanket augogo

more than half way finished.

I have to go home to see the folks next weekend. so its 8 hours on a train to knit with. im hoping i dont drop any stitches.

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Great friend is getting married...

and I want to knit her a veil. She just got engaged about 36 hours ago and i came up with a great idea to knit her a fine lace shetland veil but I have no idea where to begin?

June 8th

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blocking question

Every instruction I've read on blocking tells you to use a mild detergent in tepid to warm water which is how I do it but why the detergent, what purpose does it serve?

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My Gay Boys Think Beyonce is a Gay Diva!

Okay: So my boys think that Beyonce is the number 1 diva and Cher is not. I won't tell you what they said about Judy Garland.

June 7th

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Sister's Sweater

Okay....I'm a fool. I opened my mouth and said that I would make my sister a sweater. However, all the stuff that I want to knit, she doesn't like.