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June 24th

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Baby Hudson Sweater

This is for a friend's baby (about 6 months old now) named Hudson. They live in Austin. I used Paton's Classic Wool and size 7s.

June 23rd

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Mardi Gras at Summer Solstice!!

Here's my tribute to the start of summer...a delicious pair of wintry mitts in my first painted handspun that is plied on itself (versus plying the painted fiber with a natural colored fiber).

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Spit....Rub....Press Forward...Go Slowly At First...Merged!

That has been my usual behavior when I need to join two strands of yarn.

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No make that EXTREMELY QUICK - this blanket took all of about 5 hours to make! It's perfect for when that baby suddenly appears from nowhere!

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I really do knit!

just a few pictures I uploaded today of some recent projects.

June 22nd

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Shameless and Unabashed S&M

Taking my direct marketing skills to the streets, my buds from The Point were offering their wares at a recent street festival crafts fair in Greenwich Village two weeks ago.

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Wisconsin here we come

My partner, our 2 year old and I are moving to Madison, WI next month from Los Angeles. Any members out that way? I guess my partner can finally use all those sweaters I knitted him.

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Call for Knitters in Texas

I am trying to get a men's knitting group together in Houston TX. I know there are a few on here. Would anyone be interested?


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Scarf pics

Here is a shot of the finished section of the scarf from that pattern I asked you guys to help me interpret

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Pressing the Elevator "Close" Button again

My latest.