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May 23rd

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4 months and 6 lbs. of wool later...

I finally finished the Elizabeth Zimmerman "Knitted Garter Stitch Blanket" for my new livingroom. Just over 6 pounds of Lion Brand "Fisherman's Wool" with 2 strands held together on size 15s.

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not all doom and gloom

Right guys!

May 22nd

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Some Online Resources For Knitters

All I can say on this one, is WOW!

From my textile co-conspirator Hannah Wallace

Some very useful knitting calculators

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Prayers for Ben (ManMadeKnits)


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more squares!

today's shipments:

Nathanial from Tuscon, AZ
Paul from MA
Kevin King from NJ
and DSchultz from Ann Arbor, MI!

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Adventures at Romni

About a week ago I was in Toronto for work and Dennis (aka Chipsir) was kind enough to direct me to Romni Wools where he works a few days each week.

May 21st

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Dear Men Who Knit Diary:

Today, I was broadsided by a snot-nosed idiot on the subway as I knitted up the sleeve on the sweater I'm currently working on.

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Squares for Jason's Blanket

Here are my contributions to the blanket for Jason. I was so happy to be able to participate!

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My First Completed Project

I finally finished my first scarf. Just a basic k2p2 pattern, but I'm happy with it. I just started knitting a month ago and can't get enough. I'm inspired by many of the projects on this site.

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First Start Always Ends Up Being Taken Apart.

So, every time I start a new project, I end up pulling the whole thing apart. Sometimes it is just once; more often, it is two or three times.