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May 27th

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Well done eveyone..

The last week or 2 has some really excellent work. I am in awe. Maybe one day I will be able knit with skill.

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Lace'd Not, Want Knot-The Lover Tank #1 and 2

I'm ready to try my hand at some lace, but a runner, shawl, tablecloth, curtains seem to run contrary to my Viking, pillage and plunder ancestry. Update is below.

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Two of my squares for Jason

Well, I sent these about a week ago so hopefully they'll reach Kyle sometime soon!

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I finished it.

I started this sweater from my sister in October and finally finished it last weekend. I designed the pattern myself.

May 26th

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Child's Chemo Hat

Hello all,

I am hoping some of you can provide me with some leads for knitting patterns for a child’s chemo hat.

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OT: The Messiah Project Finished!!!

I have finally completed sequencing and converting, etc. every track for Handel's "Messiah" and wanted to share the preview with everyone.

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OTC supreme injustice

california state supreme court just upheld the right to amend the state constitution by a simple majority ballot measure. wtf. i am still legally married. my younger gay brother, nope.

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Square 9 LTKA

This square ia one of the Mosaic knitting parts of this book and it is a wonderful example of how these stitches work with the fabric to create a beautiful square.

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Hi guys! I know I'm a bad example for a token estrogen american.

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Last Call for squares for Jason's Blanket

hey guys-