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April 19th

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Never too Early to Start my Christmas Presents

I decided to knit up some stockings so that for Christmas my friends would receive a stocking with their stocking stuffers.

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Knitting, Busing, Knitting, and more Pics

Friday night I went to Third Friday in town...the artsy stores stay open till about 9, and offer free snacks and music, etc.

April 18th

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Entrelac Scarf

This is my first Entrelac project. The scarf has not been blocked yet. Brian Kohler, who designs for Skacel, taught this Entrelac Scarf pattern at the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat.

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New Pattern

Here is a picture of a a knit and purl "checkerboard" pattern I am starting on... 4 knit 4 purl repeat....I like the texture and pattern. I am using Cascade 220 yarn on number 5 needles.

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Loose Purls

Anyone got any advice for tightening up my purl stitches and stopping me 'rowing out' my st stitch?. I knit continental style.

April 17th

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Here are some pic's of my LYS and also the place I work three days a week (I am supposed to be retired lol). I am no photographer so please excuse the poor quality.

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Latest Pair Of Socks

I had some Bartlett's "Natural" that just kept screaming at me to be balled from the skein and then knit.

Apparently, it wanted to become socks.

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Antiques Afghan

My grandmother made this for me before she passed. She wrote all of the patterns but they have since been lost. I hope to recreate them as I get time so I can make this afghan for myself.

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toe up increases

So I am starting (practicing) my first pair of toe up socks (I have done cuff down already). I am having problems with the increases.

April 16th

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Happy Thursday.

Hi guys. Tonight was knit night at my LYS. Had great time as usual. I really like going to knit night. It's like therapy for me.