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April 1st

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Mandalay Turtle

The most recent finished object that I realized I hadn't posted about. This was probably the pattern I liked best from the Guy•Knit book by Interweave Press.

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Yarn Bowl Prototype #1

Here's the first prototype metal (aluminum) yarn bowl - let me know what you think - these are in the early stages of production and we can still tweak the design a bit.

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The Spin I'm In

Having fun with my Majacraft Green Suzie wheel. This is a beautiful Shetland fleece from I am spinning up and then top-dying the natural cocoa color with Rit wine color dye.

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Sock Survey

So I am almost done with my second pair of socks (so that means I am on #4), and I wanted peoples opinions on the whole knitting sock thing.

1 - one at a time or two at a time?

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Hello everyone.

I'm Kerry,nice to meet everyone.

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Miniature Leaf Lace Curtain

This is the first of two lace curtains I'm knitting - well, I've just started the second. It is knit on Addi Turbo size 10 needles, with Grace mercerized cotton. The lace pattern is one from Knitting for Dummies...some of the other curtain patterns I have seemed to be more complicated than I can currently handle, so I opted for something simpler.