Archive - Mar 20, 2009

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Question - squares with "live" stitches

So I've finished off the 20 squares for my "Barn Raising" Baby Blanket and am about to start weaving them together with kitchener stitch. My question is...

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Making notes

Maybe it's just me but I have a really hard time making clear and concise notes on patterns that I am working that I will understand later on.

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Guess who needs help with a pattern. AGAIN %@#$^@$

The pattern calls for casting on in the middle of the work. So there are already 40 or stitches on the needle and the pattern for the row says "Cast on 12, knit to the end of the row".

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Now's as good a time as any to start talking about music, what do you guys listen too and why??

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Baby Cozy and Hat

Pattern called for this to be green and be a pea pod. I had left over dark gray. I guess mine is a black bean.