Archive - Feb 21, 2009

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My New Labels are Here!!!

I received my new labels today after about 4 weeks of anxiously awaiting their arrival. They're AWESOME and I can't wait to finish my next WIP in order to use them.

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My First BSJ!

Here are some photos of my first EZ project. I have to say I really enjoyed making this and am currently working on my second one.

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Candle Flame Scarf

this is a scarf I am making just to learn the pattern I thought it would be really difficult to do but I looked at the pattern instruction and saw that it was just knitting purling yarn over and k2tog

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With me luck!

Wish me luck everyone... better yet... just send your good knitting vibes my way! LOL

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Two Years and a lot of swearing

So I realized yesterday at knit night at my LYS that I have been knitting for just over three years now.

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It's Here!

So when we started the scarf exchange I was in the process of moving and did not have my new address yet, so instead I had my scarf sent to my parents house.