Archive - Feb 10, 2009

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The pinnacle of the LYS experience for me occurred on Monday at The Fold in Marengo, IL.

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not knitting

This is my latest sweater. It is a crochet pattern from Leisure Arts. I made it for my best friend's b-day that is coming up.

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Anaheim, CA Knit togethers?

Alright, so I'm in Anaheim, CA for tonight and tomorrow night.

Any good Yarn Stores I should check out? And Ktogs happening locally?

Any guys just wannt get together and knit?

Let me know!

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OT...My Baby's First Show.

This is Trudy in her puppy cut. She's in AZ right now being shown. I miss her so much. My white girl, Toni, misses her too. They are best buds.

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MOTHS!!! Help!!