Archive - Dec 1, 2009

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OT captcha

does this happen for anyone else. i post the correct answer and it tells me i can't add or (something close to that)? second times, it goes through

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I won't give a gift card

So I haven't gotten much knitting done lately as studies have kept me rather busy, but I am looking forward to the Christmas break to remedy that.

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looking for yarn for sweater

I saw a sweather the other day that caught my eye and I was wondering if anyone has a source for self striping yarn in rainbow colors. My husband would truly love one.

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Busy Vulcan or Elf, or Vulcan Elf?

Hope we have a great Holiday and that the year ends with Happiness , joy and abundance for everyone and good health as well, and time to enjoy everything.

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...all of those who we've lost...

...all of those that survive...


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fiber trends felted clogs

I know that many people have made the fiber trends felted clogs. I'm thinking of making them but have a few questions before I buy the pattern.