Archive - Nov 18, 2009

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An alternative to Continental for beginners (or anyone for that matter)

I am a beginner knitter and a new member of the group. I started knitting about 3 months ago. And I started out with the English or American style of “throwing”.

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How in the world? Steeking up the front to put in a zipper?!?!

Okay, so I've followed all the directions and have knit this child's sweater in the round with two purl stitches going straight up the middle.

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Photos or it didn't happen.

Jared Flood, aka Brooklyn Tweed brought his attractive self and siblings to Yarn Garden in Portland for a book signing. I didn't want the book...(It's mostly women's stuff, and I don't need it).

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Update and help needed

Ok! First of all, I have been in CA for nearly two weeks and it is going great! I am gainfully employed, moved in, and loving every minute of our new life here.