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November 11th

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a possible group project?

might this be a project we could all help with?
(...there is a free pattern offered...but I can't find it or the I guess that info comes when you order the yarn.)

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Dear Knitasha: Shopworn answers about Love, fiber and other twisted human event questions.

Knitasha Crochet answers MWK member's questions about love, fiber, and other twisted human events.

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Another QOTD

Why does stockinette stitch curl? And what can I change
to maybe minimize the curl?

I've seen some stockinette stitch pieces that just seem to
lay perfectly flat. Mine curl immediately.

November 10th

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QOTD (Question of the day)

I'm digging myself out of things that "need to be done". (Don't ask).

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Niche market?

It's practically impossible for me to find a decent bag to use for felting. The Wal-Mart and Target stores near me have NOTHING. No zippered pillow cases, no lingerie bags, nothing.

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UK Wool Adventures

I have always wanted to purchase some UK wool (aka Yarn!). My expectation of the proper yarn shop was a bit lacking.

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Ebay Selling

I am selling some books on Ebay if any of you guys are interested . I am opening space in my library for other things and need to get rid of some of the books.

November 9th

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commission project number two

I am in the middle of a corkscrew scarf (Loop-d-Loop) and it is fun! Once I practiced my short rows and used a stich marker I am aces!

November 8th

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The fine gauge sweater vest asks for your advice

Okay, I'm panicking a little...I got some alpaca to knit my dad a v-neck vest. The yarn info says it's sport weight. Well, a US 3 needle seems to make too loose a fabric!

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Little Sky Sock

Today I made a pair of these "Little Sky Socks."They were from Cat Bordhi's "New Pathways For Sock Knitters" and they introduce some new techniques (at least to me...) and this mini version let's you