Archive - Oct 30, 2009

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My hiatus explained... Carpal Tunnel

Hey guys. One may wonder and be amazed if one finds himself on the UGA campus to notice: Thomas hasn't been knitting.

In fact, I haven't knit one single stitch for 2 months.

And it sucks.

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Susan Lucci?

If there were a Susan Lucci of Knitting, who would it be?

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Knitter Geeks, Software Freaks, Code Warriors, HTML Survivors!

So ya wanna be a soft goods software designer? Code this, Suckah!


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Rave: Paradise Fibers

If you're looking for a hard-to-find needle size (I needed 12" size 2 circulars) and can't get them locally, I'd happily recommend Spokane, WA-based Paradise Fibers.

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Knitting Lace - Susanna Lewis

"A workshop with patterns and projects" is not only back in print but is shipping!