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King Cross Art Installation

G'day men

Here are some shots from the Kings Cross Art installation I described a few posts ago.

Sadly it was only up for two weeks. Fun while it lasted though.


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Baby Peapod FO

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I'm re-posting Marks info about the chart-graph we can find it more easily with a search.
( I've bookmarked it...but would never remember the original title of Marks post...LOL)

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Using up yarn

I wasn't able to get another skein of the yarn I used for the hat I posted earlier, so I needed to find a smaller project to use up a little under half a skein.

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more dot stitch

Dear Knitters,

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So I have foolishly joined a 'secret santa' group and now have to knit something quick, simple but cute, I have been going through books, have seen pretty much every pattern on ravelry and am now comp