Archive - Oct 1, 2009

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A Thursday Evening

And so it begins, my first blog. Well to begin with, I am in the early formation process with the Order of Friars Minor Conventuals (AKA Conventual Franciscans).

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Easy no sew sweater?

I got some yarn and I want to tackle my first sweater. I did a vest once and I hated how it came out, and I didn't even have to make sleeves.

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To Start

Hello all, i hope the world is treating you well since Autumn has finally hit. Here in SC it's just reaching the low 70s and it's AMAZING!

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Hello All - And what I am up to.

Learned to knit when I was around 7. Taught by my great Aunt Vern. She was an avid knitter and if she had ANY hope of getting anything done when I came to visit, she taught me in self defense.

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"Don't measure your husband around the chest unless it pleases him!"

This is what EZ has to say in answering a question in her "Knitting Workshop". These videos are so great. Meg (Swanson) is off camera talking to her, correcting her...