Archive - Jan 10, 2009

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Happy new year!

DPNs are vexing for me so I'm trying the "two socks at a time" technique on one circular needle.

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This week's Episode#45 "Belle of the Ball" Knitting Podcast is up! Download and Listen!!

Hope you guys listen to last episode of Belle of the Ball Podcast!Since itunes having a difficulty to download episode, Finally we have a new Feed: (Here is how

anyone want to buy a spinning wheel?

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Been a while...

They took away access to menwhoknit at work...have no idea why...not exactly subversive material... So, sadly it became an "out of sight, out of mind thing" But, here I be again!

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My Bday plans

why is it so hard to find people to go away for my bday with...

I wanna go to vegas and I founf SO many hotels less than $100 a night in the middle of the strip (ballys was 70, Ceasears was 80)