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January 31st

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New to Ravelry

Hey guys!!

Thought that I would let you know that I am B3KiltedKnitter on Ravelry. I haven't played much on that site, but wanted to let those of you who are on Ravelry what my name is there.

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WIP - feather and fan alpaca scarf

This is the scarf I am making for the woman who gave me the cone of alpaca. It's going to be lovely.

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I'm Dyeing!

Over the holidays I purchased several skeins of Elsebeth Lavold's Angora "smoke" at a greatly reduced price.

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Holding it together

I've embarked upon a fascinating and difficult project, perhaps a little out of my league. But how else do we learn?

January 30th

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Knitting right from the cone?

I was given this cone of lovely cream colored alpaca today with the request that I knit a scarf for the woman who gave it to me.

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just to say

I had mentioned him to a number of you, and the health issues that he was going through and that we were dealing with, but I can't remember who.

January 29th

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New shawl

I found the next shawl I'm starting after my clappotis is done. Snow falling on cedars has stolen my heart...I want to knit it in a light blue. Tits over on houghts?

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Latest socks

This is yet another pair of the twisted stitch socks from The Knitting (Man)ual, this pattern has become a favourite of mine.

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Guy Sweater?

just playing with photoshop...

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Greetings from the New Guy

Just wanted to say hello and finally post since I've been lurking around for a while. I'm Joe, I learned to knit several years ago but I'm just coming back to it after a long hiatus.