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December 28th

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Posh Mitts pattern

So Donna * my friends mom* LOVED the gloves. She literally screamed when she opened her gift...I wanted to knit more of my own designs for 2010 so I think this is a good start.

December 27th

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First Design

So I set out to design a sweater for my nephew but am now looking at it and am thinking it may look great as a sweater vest.

I need an opinion!

What do you guys think?



December 26th

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Yarn Bowl Contest winner announced!

Congratulations, John Niegowski of Flint, MI - YOU are the winner of the polished Aluminum yarn bowl!

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Lace afficionados - help!

This is from a 1942 kintting booklet that my sister gave me for Christmas and I can't figure out the pattern.
It's called "Pointed Stripe" and the directions go like this:

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Merry Chyristmas & Happy New Year

This was a very nice and quiet CHristmas lots of fiber fun and non fiber.

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Cabled Hoodie

It's hard to believe I have been on this site for almost 2 years and I have not posted until today. This is the hoodie that I'm knitting for my partner Greg. It is the Iain.

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New "Stash" Cabinets

Well, I finally got most of my yarns sorted and stashed into a couple of cabinets. Now all I have to do is wait for space to show up so I can unload the boxes of extras.

December 25th

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Merry Christmas to me!

My next door neighbor bought me a spinning wheel. It's a Dutch wheel called Edammertje, one I've never heard of.

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Thanks for the inspiration and pattern!

Thanks to whomever it was on this group that asked the question about a "basket" stitch and also to whomever posted the pattern.

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Raglan Ribbed Sweater

I started this sweater a few weeks before Thanksgiving and completed it the day before Christmas.