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Decreases in seed stitch - please help

I'm working a seed stitch sleeve in the round from the shoulder to the cuff, which means that I have to decrease stitches every few rows. I've frogged the @*#$% thing three times today because I just can't get the decreases right.

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Brea Bag

Used two skeins eco wool with size 10?

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Knitty Satchel

Here is "Satchel" from again. Love this pattern, though I'm now knitting the strap right off of stitches held out from the inside of the bag.

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Clapotis alteration: "Wrapotis"

Made on size 11 needles with Rowan Linen Print. Love the model for getting creative with it.

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FO- Arrowhead Lace shawl.

Knitted on size 7 needles with Cascade Paints "Isle of Skye". Very simple, very quick.

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Hat size question

In a knitted hat, what should the circumference of a hat be in relation to the circumference of the wearer's head?

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faer isle

Ive been making swatches in Faer Isle, simply because I like a challenge and though I've allready knitted one before, I am still stuck on what colours to use...any usefull advice from any of you guys?

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Looking for a Good Mitten Pattern Using Magic Loop

Hi Guys:

I am looking for a pattern for use w/ the Magic Loop method (1 Long Circ Needle) for mittens. Anyone have a good, reliable basic pattern for this? I'd love to have it! Thank you :)

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Lots of Knitting

Lace, afghan, scarf AND socks.