Archive - Sep 27, 2008

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FO: Cabled Scarf

I've had this project in my vehicle, working on it for months (since January)...

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Doily B

I am currently in the process of designing my first pattern. I will attempt to create a Pi Shawl loosely based on a shawl I saw on carolknit's Cobweb Pi.

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"Uncle's Argyle Scarf"

Whew...I started this back in MARCH. Then there were those several months I took an "everything hiatus" for personal stuff, and I finally just finished this the other day.

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Camel/wool beanie

I knitted this from wool yarn in tan and some Nomad Mongolian Camel Yarn (hand-spun, hand-dyed...not by me, of course...) in dark brown. Another photo is attached.

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Hexagon/Triangle Afghan - knitting completed

I finished the knitting early this morning.