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September 18th

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Any Knitting Groups in San Francisco

Hey guys,

New here and thought I would start off with an inquiry about knitting groups. Does anyone know of a knitting group, or belong to a knitting group in the San Francisco Bay Area?

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Men's Fall Knitting Retreat - Class Listing (Final Post on MWK)

Men's Fall Knitting Retreat 2008 - CLASSES AND INTEREST UPDATE

Hallo Everybody,

Here’s the list of classes/demos on offer and the respondents so far:

Classes (Teachers) - Interested

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Antler scarf

I'm going to do the antler scarf from "Son of Stitch and Bitch"...I have a really nice yarn, shades of gold, green, silver and chocolate that may hide the pattern a bit, but I think will be lovely.

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Lace Pattern graphs

I've got a new and much more complicated lace pattern to attempt. Its one of those graph type patterns...

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Finished The Pink Baby Booties

I finished the pink booties this morning. I am hoping the mother will like them.

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NKR (Not Knitting Related)

I have one other blog, but no one ever reads it, so I wonder...what's the point? LOL

MWK Scarf Exchange

New to posting and posting photos as well. Hope this works okay... LOL

Here's my scarf exchange scarf that I made. It's a reversible cable done in Noro Silk Garden colorway 267 B.

September 17th

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Habitat FO

Although teejtc beat me to it, I thought I would show off my Habitat hat as well. I thought the pattern was awesome, and worth the challenge of following a chart.

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Another EZ turn

This is the final result of all that knitting. It’s a strange procedure, although if you know anything about EZ’s patterns, that’s the way she does things.

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Sea Socks 'o9 East

Not so long ago in a galaxy that's nearer then you may think I signed up for a cruise. It had all the earmarks I'd been looking for in a cruise.