Archive - Aug 22, 2008

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Beach Knitting

Well, I did not get as much knitting done as I would have liked while on vacation, but I did fairly well for a beginner. I got about 2 and 2/3 dish cloths done.

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Spiral Scarf

I just finished this spiral scarf. Its all done with short rows - my first attempt at wrapping and turning. It turned out to knit up pretty quick.

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Nothing to be seen here

just move along, please. No loitering.

A silly pattern; based on a photo someone sent be via e-mail one day.

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Why I joined Men Who Knit Almost 3 Years ago!

My name is Andres , I usually go by Andy or Crafty Andy.

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Socks and an auxilliary thread!

I've finished the 1940s vest (I don't like it), and I've finished my mohair and silk circular scarf (I love it) and now I'm taking on my biggest challenge to date: socks.

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Possum/Wool Blend

Have finally taken the time to learn to photo and post!