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August 18th

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Another Milestone

I see we're about to hit the 2000 registered users mark. I remember it wasn't that long ago when he crossed the 1000 mark. So many knitters... I wonder who the 2000th user will be?

August 18th

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Shawls, Shrugs, and Wraps

Hey everybody, I am thinking about trying a shawl or something like it.

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CONFIRMED: Men's Fall Knitting Retreat 2008 (November 7-9)

Hello Again Everyone,

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MWK Scarf Exchange

Here's a pic - not sure what the camera did to my looks like my dad is posing (hmmm...)

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I'm scared....

OK, the summer of scarf making is coming to an end, and I've gotta do some blocking...

Picture of Kathy's Shawl

Here is a picture of my third shawl that I am making for my neighbor Kathy. It should be finished by this weekend.

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Done...with sanity! (YSP #3)

Here is my sales pitch for this project:

August 17th

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Allegan Fiber Festival & Lucet

Most of you don't follow my regular blog, so I thought I'd put up a picture of what I bought at the Fiber Festival. Believe it or not, I only bought 1 (2) thing(s)... ok...

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What I did last Friday

Knitting and Green Tea [179:366, 15.08.2008]

Swatched: 22nd July 2008
Started: 24th July 2008
Finished: WIP
Yarn: "Carpe Diem" from Lang Yarns; 70% merino, 30% alpaca
Needles: 5.5 cm / 80 cm Addi Turbos
Pattern: "Putting Down Roots" from "Inspired Cabled Knits" by Fiona Ellis
Modification: Using bigger needles and yarn, so less pattern repeats. Will be eliminating the turned cuffs and the turtle-neck for ribbed cuffs and v-neck. I also added the ribbing at the bottom of the body, too.

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Loop Knitting - What the heck?

"Looping for Fun and Profit - with the world famous Grant Looper!"