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August 26th

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The circular scarf in Mohair and Silk

Thought I'd make a 1st attempt at getting an image up here. I'm not a great photographer though :o) Someday, when its not so hot in London town I'll take a photo of me wearing it!

August 26th

Kathy's Shawl is Complete

Kathy's shawl is now finished. It looks pretty good. It can be seen at:

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Knitting Gifts for Me

I've been shopping for me again! Patternworks was very wise to send me a catalog all the way to New Zealand.

August 25th

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visiting sf this weekend

love to connect to fellow knitters of the bay area. i'll be in town for the slow food convention and generally moving from cafe to cafe knitting when not eating slowwwwwwly. who wants to meet?

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Designing You Own Knitwear

Hi this forum is where i will teach you to design your own garments and answer any questions you may have with knitting.

Kindest Regards

Jody Long
(Knitwear & Toy Designer)

Blocking question

Is there a rough estimate as to how much a piece will "grow" when blocked?

Project suggestions

My SO has decreed that I must make a lap-blanket. That is all well, and good, but I have no idea where to start.

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Completed Lace (almost)

Just finished my latest lace least the knitting portion.

I still have to finish blocking the piece.

August 24th

Woo Hoo! Combination Knitting

After watching one of the gals in my local knitting group; and knitty gritty, on Friday.

Non-Knitting Question?

I am thinking of going into driving trucks for employment and I have been told that one of the MWK knitters is a truck driver named Mason.