Archive - Jul 9, 2008

Back again...

So, I'm back...not that I ever held a great pressence on this site or anything to begin with, but I joined about 2 years ago when I feel deeply in-love with knitting.

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Dr. G's Memory Vest Finished!

Here's another item I just finished...

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Chocolate stripe beanie

Desperately searching!

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thank you for all opinion about tablecloths in England and in the US in XVIII/XIX century

Thanks for all your suggestions about old, historical tradition and patterns (designs) of tablecloths [mainly MMario, JohnK, RickeScott, Kerry, knitmaniac (!!!), QueerJoe (the pattern is very, very di

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ive ruined my shoulder

Last Thursday after a FULL day of knitting, i woke up in agony and some fear. I couldn't move my neck or my right shoulder without some amount of screaming.