Archive - Jul 5, 2008

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Combination Knit-Purl

I have recently tried doing "combination" knit purl. I love the purl stitch and I am getting used to knitting the knit stitch trhough the back. However, my stockinette does not look the same.

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I-Cord Bind off

This is a little video of a demostration for I-Cord Bind off.

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I thought I'd also share my last sweater. I knit this a couple of weeks ago when I took my first break from Henry VIII. The pattern is by Jade Starmore. I made it out of Malabrigo Paris Night.

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Hi. I am going to repost this. It seems to have been lost somehow.

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First piece of the needles

Wahoo I finished my first piece of knitting ever. Although this is the second piece I started it is actually the first piece to be "bound off".