Archive - Jul 30, 2008

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Stitch Markers

I find I am absolutely dependent on stitch markers when I do the Fair Isle pattern knitting. I mark out each pattern repeat by both width and depth.

scarf sketch

Okay, MrMFMY. here it is. there was a second page, but it got lost somewhere in the ether... it was just a crude(r) sketch of an idea for the border.

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I can't work it out!

Guys I need help!

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My First Post - Alaskan Adventure

I learned to knit over 30 years ago and have done it off and on over that time.

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Long time, no see

Howdy MWK....yeah, haven't been around. Thesis handed in over a month ago....still haven't heard anything yet.

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'I can't believe I'm Lace Knitting!'

Those who know me are probably a little surprised by the title of this post - but it's the title of a new book I just received.

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I feel the earth move, under my my feet, I feel the sky come tumblin' down...

Hey from earthquake country-