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July 15th

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Warm Up America Blanket

Thanks to all of you guys who've sent me 7x9" rectangles the first Warm Up America blanket is about ready to be assembled.

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Ok, I finally took a pic of the sweater....just have about 7 inches of sleeve left so if I actually work on it instead of constantly switching to other things, I should have it done tonight :)

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Top Down Knitting

I saw a book several months ago in Michael's about knitting and fitting top down garments. I , being short sighted and oh ya cheap, did not buy it.

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ok so here's my 1st post

Hey guys, ok so this crochet guy finally bought some needles and learned to knit.

July 14th

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Rosa's Market Bag

Made for my friend Rosa who works at my LYS, The Purl District. She loves pink and chose the color and Corntastic yarn (yes, 100% made from corn.) The pattern calls for hemp yarn and the Corntastic

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Simple Garter Stitch Washcloth

This washcloth was just me playing around and I finished it with an I-Cord border. Very nice!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Knitting Under Deadline

Apparently, getting me to accomplish knitting projects is no different than most other things in my life... give me a deadline! No time for pics... just knitting!

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Checking In, Saying Hello

Hey everyone!

I was promoted again at work and have a gazillion things going on all at once.

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hard at work

So I took a hiatus from, friends, video games, knitting...would've taken a hiatus from work, but that's what was funding my hiatus, soooooooooo....

July 13th

Circular knitting question??

Why is it when you do circular knitting the right side is on the inside and the wrong side on the outside?