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July 28th

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Scarf for a Friend

I just wanted to share a picture of a scarf I've been working on. I finished it up yesterday, and I really love it.

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Jenny Chant Appeal

Here is a pink scarf I knit for the Jenny Chant Appeal. She posted here awhile ago.

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My Third Knit Cap

I finally finished knitting my third cap. I started it back in April when I was visiting Portland.

July 27th

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I finished the Gecko couple. The orange one is Cooder, and the brown one is Gregory.

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Chemo Caps

Another cousin of mine is going through chemo currently for ovarian cancer (Stage 1AC). She asked for some chemo caps.

scarf exchange in progress

Here's the beginnings of my exchange scarf.

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Noro Update #47,659

Enough people have asked me about the colors etc, so here's what I've got....

July 26th

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Taos, New Mexico

We left Colorado this morning and drove to Taos, NM. Drove over the Rio Grande Gorge... kind of a mini-Grand Canyon...

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The Wedding Shawl

Here is MMario's Faux Spanish Lace Shawl that I knitted up for my cousin Mimi for her wedding. We flew into Denver on Wednesday and drove down 285 on the west side of the mountains.

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I hear all this talk about the spring retreat and now there might be a fall retreat.