Archive - Jun 3, 2008

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Outdoors Knitting!!!! Yes!!!!

I am SOOOO Glad that the warm weather is finally here. I have been outdoors Knitting for the past two weekends.

Homespun Yarn Question....

One of the many project I am working on is a Homespun Yarn (lion brand) garter stitch scarf. I am having confidence issues because while I think my stitches are gorge.

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Picea Pungens Fascea

It seems I have way too much time on my hands...not true!

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The latest project...

Inspired by Terry Pratchett - the 'Great A'Tuin' shawl.

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Spool Knitting Gadgets - info and recommendations

I'm thinking about a new project that will require several different sizes/diameters/gauges of I-cord. Has anyone used those nifty looking hand cranked I-cord machines?

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Results of my vacation:

I just returned home to Istanbul from a great 10 days at Patara.