Archive - Jun 23, 2008

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Christmas Knitting (what am I thinking???)

Here's the beginning of a scarf I'm knitting to give to my mom for Christmas.

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Projects in the works!!!

Had a wounderful day sitting outside most of the day Saturday, just knitting. I got caught up on the block of the month project i have been working on since January.

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Re-Ripping Yarn by Norfolk n Good

Here are a couple of articles to illustrate my point. Any of you science "nerds" out there interested in co-authoring a knitting book from a scientific slant?

Another of my "ripping yarns"

Again I seem to be posting the same kind of blog.
Another failed attempt at a potentially fantastic sweater!

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for JEdwards

a couple of charts he wanted

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all this sock yarn...

So I have ALOT of sock yarn...can we say 11 skiens of tofuties in the same dye lot...

I was hoping to make a pull over but i cant find a good pattern...

And Ideas?