Archive - May 21, 2008

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FOOD-Karenina Poncho

This was a simple project. Quick, painless, and it ended up being a LOT bigger than I expected with a little blocking.

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OT: Mom Update

My mother went to the doctor today. They removed the tracheotomy tube and sutures from her neck. She looks a lot better now without that thing sticking out of her neck. She can also eat now.

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fingerless gloves

Hello-this is my first post. I was wondering if there is a free pattern out there on making a pair of fingerless gloves. I'm about finished with the mittens I started.

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Let me finsih this row trouble

Do you all get in trouble for this?

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WIP: Sapphire Raglan Sweater Progress Pic

This is the first progress pic of my first attempt at a raglan sweater.

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Green V-neck vest

I finished it and it turned out ok, given the fact that half way through knitting half of the back, i realised i was knitting a smaller size.
so the front is a bigger size and it turned out ok.