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May 20th

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Men's Spring Knitting Retreat

I just posted about 40 pictures to a web site for guys to get a little sense about the Men's Spring Knitting Retreat, although my partner kept thinking, "I'm more glad I wasn't there with Joe" because

Needle sets

After my first few projects, I've discovered that I'm spending almost as much on needles as I am on yarn!

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Upload my Face Picture.

OK, I'm slow, I admit it. Real men do ask for help. I can't upload a picture of myself to our site. Its less than 100KB. Does it have to be a specific format?



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Am I suppose to be working?

Afternoon---the time when my mind starts to wonder away from work toward tonight's activities.....Should probably wash my car on the way home, BUT I have two birthdays coming up which translates into

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Ladybug sweater

My three year old grandson loves ladybugs.
...he wears a green cardigan I knitted...all the time,,,because he can button it himself.

May 19th

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Men's Spring Knitting Retreat?

So? How was it? *Someone* must be home from it by now;

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Angel Lace Shawl

This is the “Angel Lace Shawl” pattern from Fiber Trends. It’s written by Evelyn A. Clark. I’ve since seen a couple other shawl patterns by her and I think I might soon be doing another!

May 18th

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Niddy Noddy

how long should i keep yarn on niddy noddy after unraveling a old sweater????????????????? so i can stretch the unraveled yarn back out......................

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I'm flying . . .

No, I'm not auditioning for Peter Pan. I'm wondering who has the latest skinny on flying with knitting needles? Does it vary from airline to airline and place to place?

May 17th

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Niebling pattern source

Hey, guys,

I've gotten a few requests from guys regarding the Niebling "Frosted Ferns" chart and pattern. So I decided to just post 'em here for all to see.