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May 31st

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music or tv?

Whats your preferred noise to knit to?

I dont have my tv on much so i go for music.
Serge Gainsborough mostly but, Nick Cave, Travis, Jarvis Cocker and Patrick Wolf also work for me.

May 30th

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Another member of the My-Sweater-Doesn’t-Fit-Club.....

I finally finished my first cardigan. Unfortunately, it’s an inch or so too small around the chest. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I totally altered the pattern.

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Wedding Veil for one of my best friends

I am making a wedding veil for one my best friends....... She will be getting married in March of next year......... so i decided my gift to her will be her wedding veil.......

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Easy Toe-Up Sock

Several of you helped me test the pattern, as I finished writing it.

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Speaking of Lace

Hey Men...

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18 hours of glorious uninterruped knitting


Lace... the final frontier...

Wow... I can't really believe I actually used that title. Anyway...

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Of charts and stuff

Hi Peeps..

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Cashmere Scarf

A beautifully soft Australian cashmere, the pattern is Bramble Leaf insertion from a scarf in Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby. My photo doesn't do justice to the beautiful colours.

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Bamboo Scarf

A quick scarf in garter stitch for a raffle. The yarn is Cleckheaton Bamboo in pastel pink/apricot/etc on 3.5mm needles.