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April 27th

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Sunday at Dolores Park!

Sunday at Dolores Park!

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Lizard Ridge (almost done)

Managed to complete and join all the squares for the lizard ridge afghan, and I'm happy with it. Only trouble is that I need to learn to crochet to finish the edges

April 26th

Finger Knitting

I have tried finger knitting with thick wool. You can have great fun creating larger structures. You just make your lengths of finger knitting and then construct a vessel/ object.

Throw finally finished

I've just uploaded some images of a throw that I have finished, I think you will find the images under recent posts.


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Wow, I recently moved cross-country and found myself in the cold Buffalo winter... and my friend Ellen made knitting look so fun at our last residency in Vermont that I thought I'd pick it up.

April 25th

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Angora rabbits

Well thanks for your comments guys, I can see that this site is going to be incredibly useful and supportive over the coming months. Just a word then on the Angoras.

Your first project in Knitted Lace.

I have set up a simple project for first-time lace-knitters.

You can view it here:

Have fun, John

On-line Help

If any guy who has a webcam and wants some online help, send me a PM and we'll set up a time to meet. I have done this successfully on many occasions, and I know I can help you.

Best wishes, John

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Aargh! Turning the corner...

I know that I know how to do this, and my brain's gone. And so's the book that I know has the directions...

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Well what a find ! just when I was feeling decidedly odd having picked up some knitting needles I found this site !