Archive - Mar 2, 2008

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Mom's sweater, hopefully

This is the sweater I have returned to for my mom's gift. My plan is to do one row of blocks per day: there is 16 blocks across the front (8 per panel) of 6st x 8 rows).

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So, I've been catching up on reading members' blogs and I noticed that a fair amount do their own spinning.

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first finished project for mwk

finally finished cleanup on a sweater i've been working on and putting aside forever. my second attempt at some lace work. still haven't blocked a sweater yet. maybe i should with this one

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Knitting back backwards.

We've had alot of discussion about continental verses english (I do both....oh jeez...does that make me BI?) But I have the opportunity to take a workshop in a few months on how to knit back backwards

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men's sweater vs. woman's what's the difference?

Hey Guys,

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International Scarf Exchange 6

Is anyone else signed up for ISE6 - ? Can't work out if I'm the only male knitter on the list. I think there are still spaces though they're limiting participants to 200.