Archive - Mar 18, 2008

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I Knit London LYS

I managed to call into "I Knit London" yarn store this afternoon, now that they moved to their new location next to Waterloo Station last Saturday

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Love it, love it, love it, LOL

Why don't we wear things like this anymore?

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Searching for Standard Poodle Pattern

Howdy: We have three standard poodles (soon to be four, and yes, cowboys do own big poodles) and I was wondering if anyone had, or knew of a pattern that had a poodle(s).



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High top booties

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Laef and Acorn wrap in malabrego

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Tie One On from Knitty

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A few FO's

Just a few things I have completed the last few weeks.

Alpaca Shawl for wife.