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March 25th

FO - 'Playboy' Hat

I started this hat sunday night as a stress release after working on a life-size self portrait for school. I cant believe how quickly it went!

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Feather and Fan Wrap

Yes Mario, this pattern is fun!


I am very embarrassed about not being able to send pics. One more Try

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The good news and the bad news...

The good news is that I'm FLYING through the first sleeve on my father's long unfinished sweater ( modified drop shoulder (shaped sleeve cap) Kaffee Fasset inspired random stripe sweater...

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Two FOs!

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More Zhelisko works.

Here is another painting.

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Anybody in the Art Worlds out there?

Hello. It is now time for some shameless self promotion. Actually, it is promotion of my wife, Oksana. She is a talented artist who works in oils and sometimes pastels.

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There just isn't enough *TIME*

I currenlty have 5 6 designs underway, either partially written up or needing to be written up from sketchy notes

A'Tuin, VKandis,Commando, Black diamond, Damascus and Charybdis

March 24th

Damned love...

This has absolutely nothing to do with knitting, except for maybe that this is the single most hindering thing in my life now that's keeping me from it!

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piggy goes oink

Here is a pig that I knit for a friend's daughter's first birthday. It's also the first time that I haven't used regular cheap ass yarn. It was some fancy stuff albeit still from Walfart.