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March 30th

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and the verdict is: Vertical

Dad gets vertical stripes... I steeked the front panel yesterday for the cardi...

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FO: Bamboo vest

I finished this yesterday. It's a bamboo blend. It was nice to work with. Occasionally, I would find that it wasn't spun quite as tight as I would have preferred, but for the most part, no problems.

March 29th

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Spring has sprung

Knitted and felted a couple of stuffed animals for Easter gifts and am finishing up an afghan for a birthday gift. After that I'm kind of in a funk about what to knit next.

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Raglan decreases for sweaters

I've just finished my first experience of raglan decreases on a sweater and I'm hooked.

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When prototypes fail. . .

sometimes you still manage to get something useful out of it.

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My first visit to a LYS!

I went to a LYS that I had no idea was around the corner yesterday, and again today with some friends. Pretty much just as I explosion of sundry (and overpriced) yarns.

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Pattern assistance

Hi everyone, so I finally wrote up today the pattern for the garter stitch hat with a square raglan crown I designed a month or two ago.

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Speed knitting...

I decided to time myself knitting the last sleeve.

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My Dream - Stockinette Run-Through

Maybe I'm knitting too late at night or something, but last night I dreamt that I was at this high school football game and the cheerleaders were all lined up to have the football team smash through t

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Flight, Super Speed, X-ray Vision...

None of these powers will help me, I should have picked infertility!

Had a bit of time today and decided to come see you guys, and OMG! I've got some catching up to do!