Archive - Feb 9, 2008

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Sandwater Jumper

My notes on this project:

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Baby Surprise Jackets

My Jackets with the buttons.

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My Toggle Buttons Came In

My Toggle Buttons Finally came in. They were as expensive as the yarn!!! IT was ridiculous. But it's too cute not to post.

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My New Website

Hi People, just to let you know i have now lauched a new online shop.

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Started my own Sweater vest

Well, my housemate loved the scarf I made for him and now I get the pleasure of making things for myself.

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Glove prototype

I wanted to create this with individual half-fingers like the Knucks, but I didn't design it right and the fingers were too small. A smaller pair will be made for my mom.

Couple of finished things

First is a "Diagonal Lace Scarf" for me other sister. If you want to try open work...this one was easy and relaxing. CatBlue is the yarn by Brown Sheep weight.

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Hey Boss! the Crane, The CRANE!

This semester's knit bronze sculpture.

I knit a sheet of cotton fabric on the ISM and cast in bronze.

Also made the base by casting crochet.

Drop Spindles - Who wants them?

In the past, people have mentioned they would like to try spinning. Buying a wheel can be costly if you do not like it in the end.