Archive - Feb 1, 2008

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Waterfalls Stole

Finished it. (Amazing what you can do on a couple flights between US and China!

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He knit the 'Swirl Leaf Doily ' - now he wants to make it bigger, better, larger then before, but gain some softness and lightness.

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One more shot at project #1...the scarf

O.k. one more try. I started this scarf on 1/9.

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O.K. Let's try a picture of Project #2

The scarf picture is the wrong let's move on to the baby blanket I started on 1/23 for my new grandson.

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first pair of socks

After much deliberation I'm going to start my first pair of socks this weekend. I looked at a zillion patterns and have decided to do the hiking sock from "Knitting With Balls".

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Knit Picks Circulars

I have heard many people on here raving about the Knit Picks circular sets with the interchangeable tips. So I am thinking of springing for a set.

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First Cobblestone

I started a Cobblestone sweater a few days ago... got about an inch or two done until I realized I was using size 8s instead of 7s and it was turning out too big.