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February 24th

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Spinning Wheels?

I have just joined the site and also just had my first drop spindle class. I'm already hooked. I want to get a spinning wheel and have my eye on the Ashford Joy.

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Yarn in Stockholm

Just_A_Gurl_In_Seattle, I got your message - thanks! - but can't reply to it. (It says sender doesn't accept replies.) Hope you see this!

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FO - Hideous Tie

Well, I finished the very ugly tie.

February 23rd

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Spit Splicing

Those of you who don't know what this is: Look it up. It is easily the most fun and disgusting thing I have ever done in my history as a knitter.

It makes me feel like a real man.

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Shuttles and Oberlaender

Had a full-on day yesterday - started with my first weaving class in which the teacher got me from zero to pattern weaving in three hours.

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WIP - Hideous Tie

This is my first attempt at a tie. I chose a yarn that I thought would make the ugliest, most hideous looking tie possible. I am sure I succeeded. LOL

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I have finished the Column of Leaves scarf. I was a bit uneasy about the blocking and even found myself trying to convince me that I didn't REALLY need to. boy was I wrong.

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lace cocktail napkins/costers

I have some fine weight yellow linnen yarn (270 yds) and I think it would make cool lace costers. I'm pretty sure I can get a set of eight 4"x 4" costers out of what I have.

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Great Expectations

"Maybe it will be underpants," was Nili's comment when she saw my first attempt at a top-down raglan sweater. (She's a friend's daughter, 4 1/2.)

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A Stallion of a Woolly Horse!

When I first began to do stranded knitting, I decided to invest in a woolly horse from the Shetlands.