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I JUST finished this and figured it'd make for a good first post on Men Who Knit.

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Binary Scarf conversion

So I am helping a friend of mine make the Binary scarf from Knitty for her boyfriend. She does not want to do in in the round, so I am trying to convert it into a double knit.

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Long time knitting

Hey guys,

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OT but I like it that way.

So I have been sick for about a week, and could not knit cause it was a sinus infection.

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Until next week

It is not the best thing to find , apolitical advertisement on a knitting site or a crochet site for that matter.

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NO on 8 !

there is a "yes on 8" ad running on the left side of the page!!! could you let them do that???'s pure discrimination...and politics doesn't belong here!!!

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Only Vacation FO

We were on vacation last week and, while I didn't get a lot of knitting done, I did manage to get a pumpkin hat done for my daughter: