Archive - Nov 10, 2008

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My Pic

So I had several it is.

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Scarf Exchange delay (Sorry!)

Hey Guys,

The matchups have been made, but I've had some difficulties at work that prevent me from mailing them out. I hope to have them to you in the next day or two.

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Twisting colorwork

So I was talking to Kiwiknits and I got to thinking about this. As I am sure you know I get bored and do multicolored hats in the round.

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My New Knitting Bag!!

Hey Guys...

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Lilly's Hat

So my friend is having a baby in a few months. I made this for her, I am supposed to make her some boots too. I have four months though, so I have time before I have to make something that small.

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Calling all Pattern Makers!

Hey, guys. I recently purchased Little Big Planet for the PS3...if you know what I'm talking about, you probably know where this is headed.

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<3 Google

I love Google, it makes it so much easier to get to know people. When Pell joined I went to his website, and thanks to Google I was able to actually understand it.

Ripple Stirch???

Does anyone know a simple ripple stitch? Thanks.

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May I borrrow a FUNCTIONAL brain cell?

So I am searching and searching and searching for the lyrics to a Christmas Carol I want to refresh my memory on, and nothing comes up, no matter what combination I try for the search.

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Help with Pattern instructions

Ok, so maybe I'm crazy, who cares. The only way to learn and get better is to challenge myself right?