Archive - Oct 8, 2008

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OT: Rainbow Over Truckstop

Thought I'd share this with you guys. Was sitting in my truck and saw this great rainbow forming. As I forgot my video camera at home I shot this with my webcam.

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Tiny hands....

For those who did ask....Yes, the buttons are hand- painted "hand prints"....I thought that would be a nice touch ! NO????????? Is it too much? too matchy-matchy?

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DPNs from Knit Picks

Dudes: I just got my Knit Picks catalogue and I'm thinking about the wooden DPNs. I'm not a huge fan of metal ones (too slippery) and the bamboo ones bend to easily.

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My 3rd and Finally SP package...And my roomie lol

HEY GUYS...This is my last package and I LOVED IT!!!! And Chave my roomie makes a geust appearance we are our own Lime and Violet lol